Skope Mag Q&A with Katie Garibaldi!

Katie Garibaldi recently spoke with music blog Skope Mag and the interview is now published! 🍃 The Q&A covers a lot of ground, including how the title of Katie’s album Home Sweet Christmas came about, her songwriting process, who her biggest motivator is to do music, and the inspiration behind the new music video and song “Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus)”...and more! ✨✨✨
{{Read the full interview here!}}
“...The verse melody came to me very quickly and so did the words, ‘Jesus, You are number one in my heart.’ I knew instantly that I was meant to write a song of thanks for Jesus always being there to carry me and be my place of peace. I felt the need to turn to Him on that night, and I ended up doing it through a song.’”
Read the full interview and watch the official music video for “Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus)” here!