About Katie

“There is a special place in the music industry for songs like this and Katie Garibaldi – this is Grammy Award-winning stuff.”
-John Apice, No Depression magazine

With her vivid ability to weave between airy and operatic vocals while delivering lyrics that are painted with messages of hope, it isn’t any wonder that San Francisco-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Katie Garibaldi continues to blur genre walls and have a stirring impact on listeners with each project she releases. Katie is an artist who can smoothly flow from a solo performer to taking center stage with a large band ensemble or string duo—and various combinations in between—without ever compromising the impact of her bewitching delivery. No matter the sonic configuration, Katie’s strong guitar work and sincere vocal facility provide the foundation of her ethereal and memorable songs. The result: a mesmerizing musical experience rooted in gentle strength.

John Apice of roots music magazine No Depression writes, “Katie sings with vibrancy, hitting high notes even Joni Mitchell would appreciate. Katie packs a wonderful folky extravagance. This woman doesn’t have to prove a thing to anyone – she is a powerhouse driven by an intoxicating vocal tone. It reaches heights that are so easy on the ear that it’s a treat, a pleasure to listen to. The voice – free of bombastic notes – is just pure musicality.”

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Katie Garibaldi (who has cited her musical influences as the Beatles, Patsy Cline, and Jewel, among many others) fell in love with music from an early age and started performing live and recording albums while in high school. After self-releasing a number of albums in her teens and early ‘20s (including introspective folk-centric Fireflies and Fallen Angel), she took her recording career to the next level in 2009 with the release of her album Next Ride Out, a pop/country excursion produced by longtime editor-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine, Michael Molenda, featuring soul-catchy original tunes such as “A Love Without Chains” and “Went Too Far (Foot In My Mouth).”

After touring Next Ride Out in the years that followed, including regular trips to Nashville, TN (during which time she was named a Music Connection magazine Top 100 Live Unsigned Artist), Katie made a strong studio comeback with the release of her 2014 self-produced album Follow Your Heart, recorded at Tiny Telephone Recording Studios in San Francisco. Follow Your Heart is a country-esque collection carrying powerful messages of love and authenticity. The record includes performances by notable musicians, including the Magik*Magik Orchestra [Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, John Vanderslice, Glen Hansard], and Philip Brezina [The Brothers Comatose], and earned Katie multiple songwriting awards, including hometown credit for Artist of the Month by The Deli Magazine SF. Follow Your Heart also gained esteemed reviews, such as Guitar Player magazine praising Katie as “a gifted songwriter with a gorgeous voice,” and Music Connection magazine, which writes, “Garibaldi is blessed with a sweet and pure soprano, and we hear a sincerity in this artist that is real.”

Katie Garibaldi continued to follow her heart and evolve her songwriting and production craft with her 2016 release Rooted Clarity, recorded in Nashville, which houses five songs that focus on self‐discovery and faith and combine the artist’s folk‐driven roots with a mix of classical and country string arrangements. The sonic result delivers an effective and effortless sound that highlights the singer’s trademark, soulfully vibrato-smitten and sometimes operatic voice. The mini orchestral-folk album received dazzling reviews. The Daily Country says, “Garibaldi’s light as a feather vocals exude a strength that makes you want to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams and most importantly, gives you the courage, and clarity, to be yourself, trust yourself and allow yourself to fly.” Her song “I Am” premiered on The Boot, the top source for the latest in country music.

Another standout song from Rooted Clarity, “Delightful,” has become highly identifiable with Katie Garibaldi, even lending its name to describe her sound in many instances as “delightful Americana.”

The song’s official music video, filmed in Nashville, enjoyed a long ride in the independent film festival circuit, screening at hundreds of theaters and winning over 50 awards internationally. Indie Spoonful writes, “Katie got the title right because this song and its video are a pure delight from beginning to end…The video takes us on a journey of self-discovery.” And Skope Magazine declares, “With a hushed reverence for the world is the gentle spirit of Katie Garibaldi’s ‘Delightful.’”

Some career highlights following the release of Rooted Clarity include the LA Music Critic Award for Female Country/Americana Artist (2016), as well as Female Americana Artist of the Year from the Indie Music Channel Awards (2017). The indie artist was also featured on Acoustic Guitar magazine's "Acoustic Guitar Sessions" with a live performance video sharing her songs and the stories behind them.

In December of 2017 the flourishing songwriter once again stretched the boundaries of music genre walls with the release of her full-length album, Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of original holiday and faith-themed songs that embrace Katie’s operatic vocal prowess and soulful folky affection, but also songs that branch into traditional country and gospel atmosphere. Home Sweet Christmas is a warmhearted album that can be enjoyed not only during the holiday season, but year-round. From her classic country-esque lament “Unhappy Holiday” to the foot-stomping gospel drenched “Jesus Touched My Heart,” Katie Garibaldi takes us to both the country and to church.

This charmingly soulful musical blend caught the attention of radio and media on an international scale. Gary Hill of the Music Street Journal describes Home Sweet Christmas as “soulful, powerful, old-school charm, poignant, and a real timeless sound.” John Apice via No Depression writes, “Katie’s diversification is evident and she plies these styles with her effective voice and acoustic guitar. It's all done with proficiency and beauty. You can tell by her enthusiasm that she means every word she sings.” Dave Franklin on music blog Dancing About Architecture says Katie combines “her already well established roots credentials with more devotional gospel vibes and the result is the perfect match of seasonal and timeless. Alex Faulkner of The Faulkner Review predicts, “I expect Katie Garibaldi’s success and fanbase to increase with every future release and she may well one day become a household name.”

Some accolades from the album include Holiday Song of the Year from the International Music and Entertainment Association Awards for “Unhappy Holiday” (2018), and Best Gospel Songwriter and Best Americana Producer from the Indie Music Channel Awards (2019).

Katie Garibaldi’s music video “Unhappy Holiday” (which For Folk’s Sake calls a “swinging, retro roots scorcher”) hit the film festival market with a bang, screening internationally and accumulating over 40 awards to date. Her hit claymation video “Star in the East” (giving a nod to retro Christmastime nostalgia), premiered on GuitarPlayer.com, and is also making its rounds in theaters, accumulating worldwide exposure and awards of its own. Her most recent music videos “Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus)” and “Wonderful Mother Mary,” both which Katie participated in producing, are out now.

Since the release of Home Sweet Christmas, Katie Garibaldi has signed with Nashville Entertainment Weekly Records out of Tennessee. Currently the artist is working on her next album, which she’s hinted in a recent interview will entail experimenting “with sounds outside of my comfort zone to create a sonic landscape that is unlike anything I’ve done before.” (jamesphere.com)

An active voting member of the Recording Academy, an endorsed artist of Breedlove Guitars, G7th Capos, Fishman, Reunion Blues, and Pig Hog cables, and a creative who has continued to release a consistent stream of original content fueled by positive messages, the ever-evolving Katie Garibaldi has proven to be an artist with staying power.