"Jesus Touched My Heart" is 3x Award Winner at Christian Film Festival!

Katie Garibaldi's song “Jesus Touched My Heart” was an official selection of the Christian Film Festival in June and it ended up winning 3 awards! Best Song, Best Writer, and voted by the audience Best Song Fan Favorite. The CFF is a monthly fest in Virginia featuring films and music. Here’s what they said at the June 30th event:

“Congratulations ‘Jesus Touched My Heart’ by Ms. Katie Garibaldi, a 2018 Christian Film Festival Award Winner for Best Song (Katie Garibaldi), Best Writer (Katie Garibaldi), and Best Song Fan Favorite (Katie Garibaldi)! This is a song about how Jesus can transform your life for the better! Congratulations Ms. Garibaldi, this is a powerful song with a great tune! God bless. CFF”

Listen to “Jesus Touched My Heart” (from the album Home Sweet Christmas) on Spotify!