Glowing New Review for "Wonderful Mother Mary" on No Depression!

Thank you to Mr. John Apice for this Wonderful review of Katie Garibaldi’s song/music video “Wonderful Mother Mary,” which posted today on roots music mag No Depression! 🙏🏼 ♥️

“...This is one of the most beautiful new Christmas songs I've ever heard.’s not only a holiday song, but it’s also a spiritual one, it’s Gospel. Could be sung any time of year. This song in the hands of a Gospel quartet or choir would be as close to musical heaven as you can get – and you’d still have to top Ms. Garibaldi’s original as performed here which wouldn’t be an easy feat for anyone.
”Toward the end, Katie goes all-out Laura Nyro when she hits the high register and it just reaches into your soul. She hits her notes with such clarity and ease. America wake up.
”This song could be sung in churches and should be part of any Christian choral singing. It certainly is a challenging song to sing but it’s so well-written and recorded that I am quite impressed. What a way to close 2018. There is a special place in the music industry for songs like this and Katie Garibaldi – this is Grammy Award-winning stuff...” ♥️

John also gives a shout-out to “Star in the East” in the review. 🌟 What a way to close 2018, indeed...💓

❄️ Read the WHOLE REVIEW + watch the “Wonderful Mother Mary” and “Star in the East” music videos on No Depression here: