Christmas In July: Let the Carols Begin!

If you follow me on social media or know about me at all, you know I'm currently working on a new album, Home Sweet Christmas, to be released in December, which is a Christmas album of original songs. But if you know me better, you also know that I've always loved Christmas music and actually enjoy listening to it no matter what time of the year it is. I don't really specifically set out to put a Christmas album on unless it's the holiday time, but if I have an Xmas song in my head or if my library is on Shuffle and a Christmas song happens to come on, I let it play, even if it's March or July or September or whenever. 

All music is healing in its own way and can escape our minds from the present moment, transporting us to another time and place and distinct memories. But there's something about Christmas music that is particularly special to me because it carries the nostalgia of childhood, family, love, and overall joy. It reminds me of enjoying the simple pleasures and how we should treasure each other. During the holidays people seem kinder and more understanding. They're in the festive spirit of giving and go extra lengths wanting to make others feel happy and loved. This is the magic of Christmas. 

In the spirit of Christmas in July, I made a playlist on Spotify of some of my favorite Christmas songs off the top of my head. To get into the festive holiday mood the other day for my album photo shoot, I put the playlist on for fun. It really did put me in a lighter and happier mood. Just another great example of how merry and bright holiday-themed music can make us feel, even though it was a hot sunny day with clear blue skies, and the location of my photo shoot was well into the 90 degrees of summertime. But while the song may be talking about snow, my heart still relateed to the nostalgia and the love. It took me back to how I used to love singing Christmas songs as a kid and how precious that music was to me. 

So whether you like the whole Christmas in July thing, or just want to refresh your brain with a sweet sonic treat no matter what month it is, consider putting on some Christmas music and "let your heart be light." If you're looking for a new playlist, CLICK HERE to follow my 'Merry Christmas In July Baby!' Spotify playlist. What are your holiday faves?

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