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Katie Garibaldi: Follow Your Heart 
Since the release of her latest full CD 'Next Ride Out' in 2009, we now have a worthy successor to this young country star. With "Follow Your Heart", which will be released on July 15 worldwide, we again have a pleasant and certainly compelling music pallet which she again combines catchy melodies with warm expressive soulful vocals. Garibaldi in the corner in which to push Sheryl Crow and / or Taylor Swift retrieval, we can not really. Her music we dare still quite own name, where country music tinged pop, folk and soft rock songs, found each other well. 
For the recording of this new work, she went to the John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone Recording Studios in San Francisco where this gorgeous slice came. Obviously she was not alone in the studio, along with Kevin Blair (guitar), Todd Richardson (drums), Max Butler (pedal steel) and several other talented musicians Katie brightened the job. And "Follow Your Heart" is a disc that's okay being. 
"Follow Your Heart" was an instant hit, brilliant guitar picks and pedal steel sound colors while we complete this picture even more beautiful acoustic guitar sounds may listen in 'Holding On', but it is above all the text that prevails here. 
'Make Them Go Away' evokes an annual rural party that is graced by a local country band. 
With 'Love The Hell Out Of You' is just releasing the accelerator again and we now have a more subdued now. With the violin in the lead, we are in 'Vegas' once again convinced Katie's warm soul vocals. Back to the real ballads we return with the beautiful "White Roses", a song that you could listen to. Return time and time again As a bonus track gain "Stand In My Way". 
If you can make such a beautiful, fragile music as Garibaldi also have your own record label, Living Dream Music, runs and on top produces a wonderful CD, where no songs on it that make you reach for the fast-forward button then you nevertheless a brilliant singer-songwriter who earned the same honor her illustrious colleagues such as Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams or even a (young) Joan Baez. Definitely!